Top 5 Car Transporting Companies

Mentioned below are the top five car transporter operators in Europe. These are companies that were researched thoroughly and they were given the highest stars and the best reviews by industry players as well as individual clients…

Car Shipping Co.

If you are in search of the best combination in terms of price and service in regard to shipping of your ni used cars, Car Shipping Co stands out among many companies. The firm is licensed, fully insured car shipping agency that operates in North London.

The company has a track record of transporting motor vehicles within the United Kingdom, All over Europe and international shipping over 9000 vehicles annually. The company arranges for the safe transportation of cars to well over two thousand ports across the globe.

What makes the company standout is its robust network of partnerships in 130 countries across the world. Their strategic location at London’s biggest terminal Enfield makes the company most likely the biggest private car transport in her majesty’s land.

Shift A Car

A company that is revered as being the number one leading delivery management company in the United Kingdom. Its strategic positioning gives the company access to a wider and very diverse network of car transport companies.

If you are looking for car transport in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or anywhere in Europe, Shift A Car is strategically placed to find the best price and a reliable, resourceful delivery company that will meet your needs and demands.

In most instances than not, the agency is able to get you a better price when transporting your car and are able to match their clients requirement with the most suitable transport company through their robust network saving you both time and money.

European Logistic Solution

One car transport company that provides Vehicle manufactures with great automotive transport solutions together with their carriers. The company is based in Northampton and has its offices situated in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The company transports vehicles from the UK, delivering them across Europe. The firm has considerable experience working in the transport sector. For the past five years, European Logistic Solution as a car transporter has increased its fleet three times over its original size and continues to add more transporters due to the demand of its car transportation services.

ECM Vehicle Deliver Service

Another Award Winning car transporter. Having entered into the vehicle deliver industry in 1979, this is a car transport company that has developed a reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction attributed to the ever expanding client base which makes it the number one car transporter used by many vehicle manufactures in the UK and Europe as a whole.

The company has been appointed by many big brands in the vehicle manufacturer industry to transport their brand new cars from the manufacturing plants to the dealers. EMC offers innovative and unique integrated logistical network that makes-sure that their deliver meets the high demands from their customers.


A low cost Car Transporter Company that delivers cars on behalf of their clients. This is a firm that handles 90% of brand new cars and vans all over Europe on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and main dealers.



Transporting Vehicles in Europe – What to Be Aware Of

Within the European Union, rules pertaining to importing, exporting and transporting cars have been relaxed somehow. But be sure that every country in this great continent has its own convolutions and researching the transportation polices of individual countries should be the first thing to do.

A majority of European Nations will obviously charge import duty on all vehicles. Especially brand new cars that are under six months old and have clocked less than 600 kilometres are subjected to charges that are heftier than the cars that are more than six months old and have higher mileage.

In some European countries (almost all) older vehicles are usually imported duty free only if the owner doesn’t intend on selling the vehicles within the first year of arrival.

Knowing the number and amounts of taxes that you are expected to pay while transporting vehicles in certain European countries is a way of avoiding nasty surprises when you reach the border. Again, different European Union member states have their own polices.

However carbon taxation and charges for vehicles that are bigger are common as having to pay for the tests to be run.

Getting Paperwork in the Right Order

If you are transporting vehicles permanently from one country to another you ought to get a certificate of permanent export known as a V756 from the DVLA.

Have with you vehicle ownership and registration documents as you will need to show and use them during the transportation from one place to another and as you apply for and share insurance details.


Preparing Your Car for the Transportation

Before you get to transport your vehicle, there are a number of checks that you ought to implement so that the transportation process goes on well without any hitches. Some of the issues include…

Washing The Car: washing your car making sure that it remains clean is important because; the art of cleaning helps the paintwork survive the transportation process as gathered dust and grime leaves the paint prone to scratching.

Having the car waxed makes it possible for you to notice any kind of damage that has appeared on your car while on transit.

Technical checks: transporting a car that has an up to date MOT is necessary as it helps you make sure  that your car is up to standard is a very important aspect when it comes to transferring the car. The thing is; you will be unable to go through customs with a car that is unsafe especially when it gets’ registered as a drive import.

Other Important Preparation: see to it that you take out any valuables from the car before it is transported through Europe. Anything inside the car will not be covered by the transporter’s insurance.

The above mentioned rules are applicable to cars being transported in and out of European countries. However, as stated above, individual countries have their own rules in regard to car transport and you are better off finding out what rules are in play so that you can arm yourself before transporting your car. If you are in the market for cars locally please have a look at for cars in Belfast.


Car Transporting Tips

Whether you are moving to Europe permanently or driving temporarily during holidays you will have to plan in advance about transporting cars within Europe. Though you can drive yours car yourself while moving within Europe but sometimes people prefer to hire a professional transport service provider to Europe for this purpose. A European car importer can also be a good choice for you if you are relocating within Europe. Tips provided in this write up can help you in moving your cars within Europe with the help of a suitable transporter.

Research on the import policies of the country: Though the rules of importing and exporting cars within European Union have been relaxed considerably but still some countries may have their individual procedural problems. So you should first of all research about the import policy of the country you want to move your car in. Most of the EU countries charge import duty especially on new cars, within 6 months or less than 6000 km since its purchase, but more than one year old cars can normally be transported duty free within Europe by some countries. So you should know the kind of taxes you are expected to pay according to the policies of the country concerned, while transporting the cars within Europe.

Arrange the paperwork in order: You are required to obtain a certificate of permanent export known as a V756 from the DVLA if you are moving your cars permanently within Europe. You should also keep your ownership and vehicle registration documents along with your insurance details at hand as they will be required at the custom while transporting cars within Europe.

Find a reputed international transporter: You should find a reputed and experienced international transport service provider for transporting your cars within Europe hassle free as they are used to deal all the difficulties usually faced in this regard. You should research extensively and compare the quotes of shortlisted services to find a suitable one. Alternatively you find trucks for sale and use one of them to transport the car yourself. You can find a great selection for sale at 

Get your car ready: Before transporting cars within Europe you will have to implement few checks to accomplish the work without any problem. Brief information in this regard is provided here under.

Technical checks: While exporting your auto within Europe you should ensure that it is according to the standards of the country in question. If your car is in unsafe condition according to their rules and regulations then, even if it was registered for driving import, its transportation within Europe will not be allowed by the custom authorities.

Wash the car: You can avail two types of benefits by cleaning your car before transporting cars within Europe. On one hand you will be able to maintain its looks and on the other you will be able to identify any damage caused during its transportation.

Other things to ensure: Before transporting your cars within Europe removal of valuables should be ensured. Anything left inside the car will not be covered by the Insurance Company of the transporter. Finding used trucks that will be suitable for use may not be too difficult but weigh up the overall costs to see what the most viable and cost effective option.